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Recognition / Swiss ENIC

Responsibilities of the Swiss ENIC


We provide information on

We issue recommendations of recognition for foreign university diplomas

For work purposes we can issue recommendations of recognition for holders of foreign university diplomas which give access to non-regulated professions. This recommendation of recognition is not a recognition as such but a comparative grading which is not legally binding.

We do not assess

  • university diplomas giving access to regulated professions
  • unfinished studies / individual courses
  • undergraduate qualifications of less than 3 years (fulltime) resp. less than 180 ECTS
  • upper secondary school-leaving certificates
  • further education courses and degrees
  • language courses
  • work experience

Assessment time

Not more than 2 months


The processing of applications is free of charge, but the applicant will have to cover the costs for notarisations and translations.

Required documents

Please contact us directly.

University admission

Holders of a foreign upper secondary school-leaving certificate or of a university diploma who wish to study at a Swiss university, university of applied sciences or university of teacher education must contact the higher education institution directly:

The admission requirements of the Swiss universities are defined by the individual institutions and published by the Swiss ENIC.

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