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Sciex-NMS-CH: Slovenia

Calls Slovenia

Launch of call

Submission Deadline

Selection Meeting

Start Fellowship



End August 2010

01.10.2010 – 31.08.2011



End August 2011

01.10.2011 – 31.08.2012



End August 2012

01.10.2012 - 31.08.2013



End of August 2014

Call restricted to the Mentors of a previously granted Slovenian-Swiss Sciex project to conduct a follow-up project with a new Slovenian Fellow.

Fellowship has to be finished on October 31st 2015

Doctoral Candidates, who are enrolled in a Slovenian Home Institution, can apply for a Sciex Doctoral Candidate Fellowship and researchers with a doctoral degree, who are employed at an eligible Slovenian Home Institution, can apply for a Sciex post-doc Fellowship. Senior Researchers from both countries support the Fellows as partner mentors.

Institutions must be eligible
If an institution does not figure on the list of eligible institutions, it can contact the Contact Point, to discuss the option of becoming eligible.

List of eligible Slovenian Institutions (XLS, 02.03.2011)
Slovenian Home Institutions must agree with the research stay (see F-3a).

List of eligible Swiss Host Institutions
Employment conditions at the Swiss Host Institutions must correspond to the high Sciex standards, defined in the Performance Agreement.

Evaluation Criteria
Sciex Fellowships are assigned to excellent research teams from all disciplines provided the following conditions: High professional commitment of the team members; Cross-linked, Team-minded characters; Ideal scientific correlations; Intense support by the Host and Home Institution. Slovenian Home Institutions are required to participate in the scoring.

Sciex Fellowships are assigned on a competitive basis. Assignment by the Steering Committee cannot be appealed.

Indicative Budget


Fellows’ Research training placements

Number of Fellows’
12 months placements

Mentors’ short visits in CHF

Number of Mentors’ short visits







Sciex Contact Point Slovenia (Sciex-CP-SVN)
A Sciex Contact Point in Slovenia is established at the Slovenian Research Agency - ARRS

Dr. Primož Pristovšek
Head of Department for International Cooperation
Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)
Tivolska cesta 30, 1000 Ljubljana
Tel./Fax: +386-(0)1-400 5971/5

Website of the Swiss Contribution to Slovenia

Proximity Assistance to mobile researchers and